Ready-made Feed

ELSHAHD Company strives to serve ranchers and investors of animal production inside and outside of Egypt. We do so through providing feed and ready-made recipes with high quality, which also cover the ranchers’ needs for different kinds of cattle of all growth stages.

سوبر سيلاج ذرة سيلاج ذرة – الفاالفا علائق متكاملة متزنة
   سيلاج ذرة الفاالفا سيلاج ذرة الفاالفا
مادة جافة 45% : 65%

بروتين خام 12% : 18%

طاقة كلية 64% : 76%

نسبة خلط من 10% : 40% مادة جافة 30%

بروتين خام 9%

طاقة كلية 65%


ELSHAHD Company is considered one of the leading companies in the animal feed industry including corn silage, which is cultivated at the company’s farms in Egypt and Sudan.
Moreover, the company works on using the latest technologies for silage production through:

  • Choosing the right hybrid and its variation
  • Following the procedures of the agricultural cycle and choosing the appropriate timing for cultivation
  • The ownership of the most advanced tools for agriculture, harvest, cutting and packaging
  • Appropriate cutting by the chopper machine whereby the heights of the fibers and silage are alike, which increases the quality of silage and makes it easily digested by animals
  • Immediate compression after harvesting which protects the crops from bacteria to reserve the crops’ nutritional value

Hijazy Haylage

Hijazy haylage or dried Alfalfa is considered one of the most internationally recognized fodder crops, as it offers a high nutritional value for all animals, especially dairy and beef cattle.
And due to the high local and international demand for the Hijazy haylage, we expanded our investments in growing the dried Alfalfa at our farms in Egypt and Sudan. By doing so, we guarantee providing both our local and international clients with their requested quantities.

المواصفات بال صغير بال متوسط بال كبير
مقاس البالة 35*45*80 70*120*210 90*120*210
وزن البالة 18 كجم : 20 كجم 250 كجم : 300 كجم 450 كجم : 500 كجم
نسبة الرطوبة 10% : 14% 10% : 14% 10% : 14%
نسبة البروتين 18% : 22% 18% : 22% 18% : 22%
اللون اخضر اخضر اخضر
مواصفات آخري خالي من الحشائش ومن اي اجسام غريبة خالي من الحشائش ومن اي اجسام غريبة خالي من الحشائش ومن اي اجسام غريبة

Other Products

ELSHAHD Company also operates in different fields including:

Rice straw, Wheat straw, Fine Bran and Coarse Bran